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The Westmoreland Development Group & Westmoreland Homes have been a family-owned business from the beginning. The founding McMurran family has an over forty year building pedigree. They began Westmoreland in an effort to control the quality of both the community development and the homebuilding that goes with it. Our family includes four generations of developers and builders, and is currently led by a father and son team.

Typically building and development are done separately by different companies, but Westmoreland decided to put it all under one roof so that every aspect of the building and development process could be controlled at one time. This allowed for more efficient building and a better product at the end of every project. We only allow select builders into Westmoreland developments in order to control quality and standards.

Westmoreland hires both experienced minds and younger talent to create new approaches to building and development. We bridge generational gaps using the best from both to build the best quality and most innovative communities possible..


We do more than just build houses, we innovate clean, green environments. In this age, everyone is responsible for this planet we live on, and Westmoreland has taken that responsibility very seriously. Our competitors may talk about what they are doing to help out, but we live it. Every element in each of our homes is thought out and planned specifically to be as energy efficient as possible to help save our world, and save you money in the process. Our homes are the evolution of efficiency. Other companies talk 'green' living, but at Westmoreland we engineer homes that are truly healthy. We are dedicated to building homes that are at an ecological maximum while keeping to an economical minimum for our buyers. As technology has advanced, so have our building practices. We always select the most efficient vendors, and the most up-to-date technology to build our homes with and we invite you to tour our models to find out more.